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Killer Kitty - Diy Clothing  USA               1608
Killer Kitty Clothing is devoted to creating dark and edgy fashion with a touch of cuteness for those who are looking for something different and unique. Diy Tops, Skirts, Hoodies, Corsets, Tote Bags & Reconstructed Horror Tees!

Handcrafted Artisan Jewelry by Sif Sigli  USA               1603 is the home of handmade jewelry. Each piece is crafted from high quality materials; most items are one of a kind. Precious metals are combined with gemstones in unique jewelry that is distinctively Sif Sigli. I create jewelry that ranges in style from casual to elegant, but all of my items have a simple tasteful design in common. 

Erica Burns Designs  USA               1602
Erica Burns Designs features handmade wire wrapped customizable jewelry in high quality materials including sterling silver, vermeil, 14KT gold filled & gemstones. You will also find fun pieces like our ribbon wrapped bracelets.  

tyra made jewelry  USA               1601
Unique, affordable handmade jewelry. 

Beth Whitcomb designs  USA               1587
unique handmade women's clothing and accessories 

LAMdesigns  International               1585
Unique hand embroidered Jewellery made in England. 

SnarfDog Clothing  USA               1573
Snarfdog promotes Freedom Of Speech and the fact that more people should use it!.. This Is America and this is what we believe!. Practice your freedom of Speech! Wear a Funny Yet Weird Snarfdog Tee!.  

Allegra Noir Design Studio  USA               1569
The Allegra Noir Design Studio features crochet and knit hats by Cinnamon McCullum and handcrafted books and boxes by s.e.a., based in New York City. We celebrate character and function by creating handcrafted, quality items to combat the mass-produced and the dull. 

Polka Dot Prints  USA               1567
Custom photo greetings for all occasions! Each order is custom made. Perfect for invites, holiday cards, thank you's, announcements, and much more! A photo greeting is personal and can last a lifetime! 

Nilsa Fashion Couture  USA               1561
A collection of Urban-Cultural Contemporary Style. Discover true contemporary fashion by indie designer Nilsa. 

Bellis Studios  USA               1560
Modern letterpress stationery and letterpress.
Bombarded by emails, text messages, and cell phones? Relax! Get yourself some fabulous letterpress stationery then pour yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy keeping in touch with those you love. 

A Polished Image Jewelry  USA               1551
Elegant Handmade Jewelry. Beautiful Pearl, Gold, Sterling Silver, Gemstone and Swarovski Crystal Jewelry. One-of-a Kind pieces to give or keep.  USA               1549
From past to present...

Kari Beth is a designer of one of a kind revamped vintage jewlery pieces!  International               1542
Handmade lampwork beads and fine silver jewellery by Jennifer Tough. Unique lampwork and silver beads and components for use in your own creations. 

EG Designs  USA               1539
Unique, original and oh so chic! At EG Designs you choose your fabulous design, funky fabrics, gorgeous ribbons, and bling buckles. Designs can be modified to suit your personality and preference. You can order with confidence knowing you will receive an item to suit your specific needs 

Fluffels  International               1525
Fluffels are soft designer toys that put a smile on your face.
They are very adorable, soft and a little bit crazy! 

Saintes Maries earrings  USA               1518
Saintes Maries earrings is a new project by Carolina and Natalia Elias, based in Belleair Bluffs, Florida. We started after a trip to Saintes Maries de la Mer, France, where gypsies from all over the world gather in the month of May to honor their patron saint, Saint Sara. Many of our earrings are gypsy inspired, some aren't but they are very beautiful original pieces. Everything is made by hand with high quality components. Some of our designs are simple some are more elaborate. Look at our website to find some pieces of art. 

Birth of Suchin  USA               1493
Vintage goodies and finds, art prints, vintage culture, DIY features, more "beautiful thoughts!" 

bublove  USA               1475
hip tees for moms, dads & bubs of all sizes and attitudes. whether your bub is happy, smart, precious, stinky, sweet, cranky or a little bit rockabilly, bublove has the perfect tee for her or him! cool tees for moms & dads are available as well. 

metl  USA               1458
metl's premier line of bold, eye catching cocktail rings, the Martini line, was just launch in September of 2006. metl celebrates women who have the courage and spirit to live life on their own terms, who have ambition and independence, and who play as hard as they work. For all occasions, day or night, metl's strong, bold and versatile designs compliment your individuality and inner strength. metl is made in NYC. All rings are solid sterling silver, nothing is plated. Each ring is finished by hand. Necklaces and earrings are handmade of sterling silver chain and findings. 

Linell Ellis  USA               1453
Linell Ellis designs handbags and accessories to meet the needs of the unique and daring woman. 

Hopelessly Creative Designs  USA               1449
Hopelessly Creative Designs is an online source for one-of-a-kind fabric handbags. Owner/designer Michelle Carey puts her heart and soul into each one of her creations. With a wide variety of size, colors and patterns you'll find the perfect bags for every occasion. 

Vintage Fabulous  USA               1443
Super cute and fun vintage clothing, shoes, and accessories! Retro indie shopping for the independent spirit! Not just for girls! 

Juniper Designs  USA               1438
There is nothing greater in this world than the life, laughter and love of being a woman. At Juniper Designs, we believe that every breath is a celebration of that gift... and adorning yourself accordingly makes the party that much sweeter! Home of the original Keyhole necklace and with influences ranging from rock stars to mythology and architecture, Juniper Designs offers a truly unique way to embrace your inner goddess!  USA               1433
BrooklyNYC Clothing Brand brings an eco-friendly and socially conscious approach to urban apparel. Made in USA, BrooklyNYC is an Underground, Urban clothing company and Lifestyle Brand established by Daniel Norman from Brooklyn & by Shakeya Cotto, a Harlem native. The overall style of our company can be described as "Underground", and is a reflection of styles from Brooklyn, Harlem, and NYC in general. New York City is a melting pot of cultures, styles, fashions, music, and people from around the world. We at BrooklyNYC are influenced by this global melting pot. Our name is a combination of Brooklyn + NYC = BrooklyNYC. (With one "N", not Brooklynnyc.) 

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